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He is also a student of his mother's master and writing partner, Ellen Goldberg. Vaughn is delighted to be here and is looking forward to being your guide towards self-discovery. Palmistry is a science that has been around for over 2, years.

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It originated in India and spread East and West through the centuries. This knowledge has many benefits. Palmistry is a universal language and the laws of palmistry hold true for everyone. It does not matter what culture you come from, if you know how to read palms, you can have a deep understanding of people from all over the world. She is an Intuitive Healer who works with 30 Archangels, with a special affinity for Archangel Michael.

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Goddess Card Readings: We are here to bring compassion, support and to bring out the divine goddess within you! Receive a nurturing message of guidance from the Goddesses. Its always an interesting, soulful and funny journey with him. By sensing the energy in a personal object and accessing spiritual guidance, Constantina offers highly accurate, clear, and compassionate responses to questions about relationships, career, finances, and other issues.

Constantina's intuitive work is enhanced by her background as a scholar of Sanskrit and esoteric traditions of India. She holds a Ph. Her latest book, "Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony," explores states of consciousness that directly contribute to living an intuitive life.

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Dahn Yoga Vedic Astrology

Venus Firebird serves up intuition as an emotional energy healing cocktail! A West African and American Indian hybrid. Watch as everything turns towards the better and takes on new life when this Enchantress of Emotional Energy Healing touches you! She is a crystal ball and divination reader and teaches psychic development classes in groups and one on one. Bio-Energetic healings release these emotions and blockages leaving one feeling stronger with a clearer mind.

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Bo-Energies wake up the healing powers within. There is so much more to life then what one is currently experiencing and your life begins at the end of your comfort zone. A classmate introduced me to the Akashic Records by offering to do a reading for me. Mesmerized by the information contained in my records I was intrigued to know more. With the encouragement and guidance of my spiritual teacher I began doing Akashic Records readings for myself and then subsequently readings for others.

Dhan Yoga for Aries ascendant

Akashic Records readings are truly a gift and my calling. It is an honor to be able to use this tool for guiding people in their day to day lives and nurturing their spiritual growth. Helping the individual ultimately heals humanity. Together sharing our full personhood, we will discover, grow, and sustain the most important important things in life, as you define them. A certified life coach, astrologer NCGR-II ,and reiki pracitioner usui ryoho , I also am an intuitive, energy worker beyond reiki , channeler, and medium.

I work with the chakras, meridians, auras, outer energetic bodies, and beyond. In Javier discovered IYENGAR Yoga as a result to a constant quest to improve concentration and release stress; this discipline not only helped him overcome these challenges but also opened the doors to a new spiritual path.

Dhan Yoga in a Kundali - Dhan Yoga - Lakshmi Yoga in Kundli - Lakshmi Yoga

From the moment Javier became a certified Iyengar teacher, he has thrived to inspire individuals to be sensitive to the gift of life and be thankful for their body and their challenges. His teachings come from the heart to touch the hearts of others. He believes that we should all be happier persons every day and when adversity crosses our path, yoga is the best tool to overcome it. Javier has grown and gained the experience of a lifetime while continuing to learn something new every day. For the past four years, Javier has taught several workshops and more than ten classes a week.

Parivartana Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

Today, Javier aims at continuing his journey towards spiritual growth as well as contributing to the spiritual growth of the community through the teaching of Yoga. Radha and Benjamin have ongoing and specialized workshops and also offer daily classes and private lessons.

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They teach a traditional style of Hatha-Raja Yoga combined with their knowledge of Bhakti or devotion. Through this effort they hope to share the ancient teachings of yoga in today's modern world bringing awareness, compassion and light to all beings. His classes are celebration of life, kindness and self-acceptance. She spent her childhood and early adolescence traveling around South and Central America, where she discovered a deep heartfelt connection with nature and the indigenous cultures.

These journeys were the source and foundation of her earliest passions; the Arts and Spirituality. At age 14 her family moved to the United States where she continued her education mainly focused on the Arts and Mysticism. Her love and connection to different civilizations has made her travel around the world to more than 15 countries on 3 different continents, learning substantially about diverse customs and belief systems.

In the midst of her college studies majoring Art History and Commercial Arts, she decided that if she was going to dedicate her time and energy to something, it would be to her life's main passions - Arts and Spirituality.