First quarter moon phase astrology

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Third Quarter Moon

Expand into the world of ideas, allow the outrageous wanderings of the mind, open to unlimited possibilities, watch the birthing of the idea into thought. Let it unfold in the quiet. Ask the big questions — the why? Shape, mold, dance with the newly realized seed-idea. Ask yourself: How can I bring my vision into the material world? Gathering knowledge prepares you to take future action. Pick up hammer and nails and build new structures.

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Move forward, or be buried in the past. Without expecting absolute perfection, continue to move toward self-improvement. Be comfortable with yourself. Assess and analyze projects. The completion is the culmination of the seed-idea of the New Moon. Sense where you fit into the overall scheme of life.

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Moon phase astrology – your soul’s purpose illuminated

Moon is km mi away from Earth on this date. Moon moves farther next 2 days until apogee, when Earth-Moon distance will reach km mi. Previous node Next node. Previous Current draconic month Next. Previous standstill Next standstill.

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The First Quarter Moon

There is a focused energy to the crescent moon baby. Their lives are lived with a sense of anticipation, like they are juuuuuust on the cusp of something wonderful. First quarter moons babies are brought into the world during a critical point in the moon cycle. Because this urgency is ingrained to this natal moon phase, they are the ones you want to have around in an emergency — they can thrive in high stress situations because their life kind of FEELS like a high stress situation, just in day to day life.

First Quarter Moon Meditation (Day 40) - Astrology Waxing Moon Phase Meditation

First quarter babies are independent, ambitious self starters. Gibbous moon loves build on those previous energies that came before it, except their energy is to purify, perfect, cleanse. It reminds me of Virgo energy — they take the projects the new moon baby started, the crescent moon baby thought through, the first quarter baby made happen and they search for ways to improve it. This can manifest quite a bit of anxious energy, as they are trying to create perfection in an imperfect world, in an imperfect vessel but if you want something done right…make a waxing gibbous baby do it.

These individuals with a full moon as their natal moon phase grow the most through the reflection of others.

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  8. Full moon babies continually attract key partners that inspire their growth. Disseminating moon babies are here to learn what it means to give back.

    Lunar Phase Psychology - Vedic Astrology with Haizen of SedonaVedic Astrology with Haizen of Sedona

    It reminds me of Gemini energy in that way — very curious, very communicative, constantly on the go. They are thoughtful, intuitive types who find deeper meaning not in the external world, but in the internal. Natives born during this moon phase NEED to live a life true to their authentic selves. Likewise, they are here to end some cycles as well.