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Only by focusing solely on the rich tradition of the first thousand years, without the significant distraction of modern factors and techniques, can we truly understand and experience the potential of traditional astrology on its own terms. Traditional astrologers had lots, twelfth-parts, aspects by antiscia, and many additional tools at their disposal to significantly expand their symbolic palette. The omission of modern factors highlights the symbolic richness of the traditional ones. The point is to show that traditional astrologers had at their disposal and extraordinary rich set of tools for symbolizing a diverse range of complex human experience.

While additional planets, asteroid, and midpoints can add spice to your practice, the meat and potatoes remains the traditional factors and they are sufficient.

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Modern astrologers tend to over-rely on three outer planets as malefics i. Uranus, the sky god, is not just about shock and innovation. While its conventional mythos is associated with ambush and violent disruption that leads to a new order, it is also the sky god. As such it is associated with the sky quite prominently, including astronomy, astrology, meteorology, and aeronautics. Additionally, it is one of the best astrological symbols for castration that we have.

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Like any factor, it can symbolize across a range of its associations depending on connections in the chart. However, it is too often assumed to be this two-dimensional force of societal revolution and rebellion. There is little room for the astrological art to progress in such situations. Instead, we defer to extra-astrological esoteric explanations magick, spirituality, religion. Similarly, with modern astrology there can be a subservience to psychological or spiritual explanations for the limitations of astrology.

The foundational traditional material of Hellenistic astrology is diverse and rich in tools. We find enough diversity in opinion and approach to adjust our understanding and application of basics. The rich tool set ensures there are plenty of new things to try if we reach a dead end or find fault in a technique. The basic foundational principles of the early material are relatively clear and coherent, allowing us to read what the chart says and compare that with objective reality.

The earliest material has multiple volumes of techniques waiting to be explored and tested. There is enough diversity within and between the early astrologers for us to compare different approaches to the same life topics. We can test and choose among them or synthesize approaches. From different emphases in planetary assessment to a plethora of predictive techniques, there is immense diversity.

Hellenistic astrology has the tools necessary to deal with the complexities and contradictions of life. Can someone start shy and introverted, then become outgoing and extroverted? Sure, and the chart can show that. Can someone have a violent and religious father symbolized by the Sun in their chart but have an ego that is neither violent, nor religious, nor even particularly concerned with their father?

Hellenistic astrology is a goldmine for those who appreciate the complexity of life, love applied astrology, and want to improve their art to better capture it. The site also looks at later Perso-Arabic works of the first thousand years CE. These works grew directly out of those early foundational Hellenistic texts. The later Hellenistic astrologers and the early Perso-Arabic astrologers of the first thousand years were much like us.

They were grappling with the principles and techniques of the early horoscopic astrology. Their methods of synthesizing principles and approaches to topical inquiries are often insightful. Later medieval astrology, Renaissance astrology, and early modern astrology have typically been the focus of traditional astrologers.

However, these later approaches rely increasingly on innovations introduced in the Middle Ages. Relying on these innovations tends to distance us from the original Hellenistic source material. There are many other sources of information on later traditional astrologers from Bonatti to Morin. Open astrology is astrology that aims to be verifiable and accessible to those of any means.

It is also astrology that is transparent as to how it is approaching the chart. Seven Stars Astrology is open in at least three ways. First, free software is preferred and promoted. Second, public chart data is preferred. Additionally, the sources and rationale for principles and preferences are transparently outlined in lessons and essays. Free software can be downloaded by anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

You are never required to fork over hundreds of dollars for software to check that the charts or predictive material are correctly calculated and presented. You are invited and urged to start working with the same software, to reproduce the results shown, and to explore the techniques on your own with more charts.

Many articles on the site explore free software and how to use it. When possible, chart examples are produced with free software. In a similar vein, Seven Stars Astrology also highlights free online resources, including free astrological texts available online. Promoting open-source software is about promoting the development of community tools for exploring and enjoying astrology.

Therefore, astrology itself benefits from the use and promotion of open-source software, whether or not one has the programming experience to work on its development. Seven Stars Astrology prefers chart examples with verifiable birth information. Astro-Databank provides unprecedented access to publicly available birth chart information.

Celebrity examples with accurate birth times are preferred because the birth information can be verified on Astro-Databank and the biographical information is familiar or accessible on the web. Occasionally, personal or anonymous chart examples are given as well but the stress is on verifiable data. It is not uncommon in astrology today for someone to present a technique as Hellenistic or traditional without actually referencing its origin. That approach closes off the astrology from critical examination.

Seven Stars Astrology aims to open up source texts to readers. English translations of relevant ancient texts are quoted often and heavily in support of the methods used. Sources are cited and references are given at the end of articles. Often links are provided to free copies of texts available online. The aim is to aid the reader to approach source texts directly, as Hellenistic astrology should not just be learned second-hand.

The use of quotes or even photos of actual pages of texts! Unfortunately, it is all too common on the net.

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However, it is unethical and often violates copyright laws. The articles on this site always include proper citation. The use of relevant quoted material is aimed to promote the work of translators, scholars, and astrologers while stimulating astrological interest and exploration. While there is a cohesive consistent central system to Hellensitic astrology, the art is diverse. Every Hellensitic astrologer stressed different methods and preferences in their work.

Therefore, in practice there is no one Hellenistic astrology. Any applied Hellenistic astrology will be the approach of the practitioner, informed by their preferences and experience. However, by providing sources, others can confirm that what is presented is indeed firmly rooted in Hellenistic astrology even when it departs from preconceptions. The site aims to explain the techniques used by linking to articles on them. Seven Stars Astrology provides lessons, the first seven of which outline the meanings of the most important elements of the chart.

Additionally, articles are provided that outline the predictive techniques used and how one can apply them to charts. Finally, when certain principles or techniques of Hellenistic astrology are preferred e. Traditional astrology is plagued by cherry-picking and inconsistent approaches to the chart. For instance, with one chart an astrologer may take sign dignity to be very important and indicative of success or good circumstances, while in the next chart it is viewed as relatively unimportant or over-ridden altogether.

Similarly, the methodology for carrying out special techniques to assess things like character, profession, sexuality, and more may change with every chart example. However, a systematic and consistent approach to the chart is absolutely vital to being able to evaluate any method or technique. A special technique is an approach to a life topic that incorporates multiple factors in an attempt to gather information and draw some definitive conclusions about a specific topic.

Ancient astrologers differed in terms of their preferred special techniques for various topics. Therefore, if we are to compare different special techniques or create our own special techniques, it is important that the rules are laid out clearly from the outset and systematically applied to multiple and various chart examples. Seven Stars Astrology emphasizes multiple examples in the exploration and testing of techniques. In traditional astrology, multiple timing techniques were used and compared against the natal chart. However, it is too often the case that astrologers today use a single predictive method or a single randomly cherry-picked predictive configuration to explain the timing of important events in life.

By contrast, the systematic approach looks for a confluence of indications between the natal chart, activations, and timing techniques to explain significant events. As noted above, the main principles of chart interpretation are outlined in the first seven lessons on the site, and predictive techniques are also outlined in dedicated articles. These lessons and articles outline the most important considerations for things like which indications pertain to benefit vs.

Articles applying these principles and techniques stick closely to those references. Seven Stars Astrology is astrology that aims for systematic analysis that can be replicated by the reader and applied to unfamiliar charts. When a systematic application does not produce the desired analysis it still bears fruit.

Counter-examples allow us to tweak our ranking of principles and techniques, leading to better systematic analysis. In other words, only through those charts and events where our astrological system fails us can we be alerted to where it needs improvement. Progressive astrology is astrology that recognizes it is still weak and has plenty of room to grow. It is amazing to me the extreme contrast in worldview between astrologers and the general public.

Many outsiders believe that astrology is simply a hoax and of no value. Many astrologers believe that their astrological art is advanced enough for them to counsel someone on the inner workings of their psyche and tell them what decisions they should make with their life.

By contrast, progressive astrology is astrology that is honest about the state of the astrological art. As a program, astrology is rather buggy. There is a lot of room for improvement. Use with caution around heavy machinery. Astrology should be impossible given our current preferred scientific models of reality. It is so important that astrological analysis be consistent and systematic because only if we can say anything accurately against many charts can we hope to say that thing accurately against an unfamiliar chart.

Progressive astrology is about starting small and attempting to get clear and consistent information from the chart. Thankfully, Hellenistic astrology provides some promising avenues for gleaning clear astrological indications. It may sound weird to declare that a two thousand year old form of astrology is still rather young, but it certainly is in terms of development.


Hellenistic astrology provides some of the clearest and most accurate indications regarding objectively observable life circumstances. However, the chart and life is complex and there is much work to be done in developing systematic accurate approaches to topics. Progressive astrology is about drawing on the diversity of ancient astrology to find ways to improve the accuracy of chart reading. Ancient astrologers recognized that a light look at one or two factors were insufficient for accurately evaluating and predicting important life circumstances. Analyses of things like money, marriage, health, and character require a synthesis of indications from multiple factors.

These indications have to be prioritized, differentiated, and worked with predictively. This is a difficult task and it was not sufficiently completed by ancient astrologers, legends and hero-worshiping aside. Progress involves recognizing that we are not psychic wizards and neither were the ancient astrologers. We need to hone our techniques as they did. Unfortunately, too often astrologers never get beyond basic symbol interpretation to the level of special technique development. The real work comes in synthesizing basics, making tough decisions about symbolic priority, and developing a cohesive predictive toolkit.

Progressive astrology is astrology that is centered on astrology itself, not an external dogma. It is best to approach the chart without unnecessary assumptions about how factors correspond to occult forces or faculties. Progressive astrology remains agnostic about the role of consciousness, spiritual development, the will, fate, God, and angels in modulating astrological indications.

This is not to say that such things play no role, nor that astrologers cannot believe in such things. However, deference to metaphysical assumptions is too often at the expense of astrological progress. Rather, it works to systematically refine the art in order to overcome those shortcomings. Applied astrology in the context of progressive astrology is the hard work of honing techniques and sizing up their indications against the real world. In other words, it is the art of comparing our interpretation of the symbolism above to the experience of circumstances below.

This should be contrasted with consultation, recitation, and theory. Seven Stars Astrology has many articles on textual issues and theoretical or interpretive issues, but the focus of the site is on applied astrology. Applied astrology is a search for how astrological signs can be sufficiently used to account for the occurrence of some states or events. It is not enough that one or two things in the chart seem to indicate something true.

Castle Cartoon Stock Photos and Images Window in the castle, magic and astrology vector illustration. Fairytale castle 13 PNG icons - The pictures are free for personal and even for commercial use. His robes are adorned with a pattern of grapes. Question or comment about digitized items from the Library of Congress that are presented on this website? Please use the Library of Congress Ask a Librarian form. Composite Pluto in Astrology In the composite chart, Pluto can show where you may struggle over power and control, have some anger issues in the relationship, and where you may need to make major transformations together.

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    For a Kite Pattern, you need a Grand Trine involving planets, not angles. Contemporary authorities are somewhat divided over the minimum number of planets required to form a stellium. From now on please do all drawing work with ruler, compass and protractor. Only in astrological textbooks are planetary aspects separated from one another. Abstract The medical astrologers of Ancient Greece: the iatromathematici, and the later European physician-astrologers, assumed a correlation between events in the heavens and those on earth that was relevant to both health and disease.

    Dragon Moon is a family owned and operated shop, established in In the bucket pattern, the width of the cluster can be up to or degrees, whereas the fan allows a width of to degrees only. In Babylon, astrology was the practice of priests and was one of two ways that priests could determine the will of the gods.

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    The composite chart is like a child, a third entity which carries the genetic imprints of both parents but combines. Find descriptive alternatives for fantasy. They wore silks and robes and crowns upon their heads. However, this book points the way towards a regeneration through the meeting of astrology and phychotherapy. Can you help me understand the "castle" configuration in my chart? I can find almost no info on this configuration. The base of the House pattern is the same as the Trapeze.

    If you choose a combined spiritual genealogy and extended archetypal natal chart reading, you will also receive an extended natal chart report as described on the page about archetypal astrology. A post shared by miranda's meme castle mirandasmemecastle on Sep 17, at pm PDT. So it's no surprise that. Access hourly, 10 day and 15 day forecasts along with up to the minute reports and videos for New Castle, PA from AccuWeather.

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    Chart Patterns 1 The positions of the planets fall into seven types or patterns--bundle, bowl, seesaw, bucket, splash, locomotive and splay. I used to play Hearts a lot when I was younger, it was one of the games that came with every version of Windows.